Further Resources

Active Listening

To learn more about active listening and how it can help in conversations, please visit the websites below: Grohol, J. (2016). Become a better listener: Active listening. Psych Central. Available at: http://psychcentral.com.

Mind Tools Editorial Team. (2016). Active listening: Hear what people really are saying. Available at: https://www.mindtools.com


Mack, M. (2014-2016) ‘How to be a girl’. https://itunes.apple.com.

A list of fiction readings

‘When Kathy is Keith’ by Wallace Wong (2011). Bloomington, IN, USA: Xlibris. Available from Amazon.co.uk.

‘I am Jazz’ by Jessica Herthel (2015). New York, NY, USA: Dial Books. Available from Amazon.co.uk.

‘When Kayla was Kyle’ by Amy Fabrikant and Jennifer Levine (2013). Lakewood, CA, USA: Avid Readers Publishing Group.

‘10,000 Dresses’ by Ewert and Marcus (2009). New York, NY, USA: Seven Stories Press. Available from Amazon.co.uk.

“Red: A Crayon’s Story” by Michael Hall (2015). Greenwillow Books.

“Parrotfish” by Ellen Wittlinger (2015). New York, NY, USA: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers.

“Far from the Tree” by Andrew Solomon (2014). London, UK: Chatto & Windus.